Grooming Style for The Groom

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It’s the day when you have to look the best ever to be that most handsome and stylish groom. Here are some suggestions by FWD Vivah to look the most fashionable and classy on your special day

The trim and tidy look

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If you are someone who doesn’t like long beards or if your bride to be doesn’t approve of it, then this is your perfect choice of a makeover. With the perfect trim and keeping those facial hairs tidy is the perfect way

Chinstrap or goatee

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If you like to sport a bit of man hair on your face without overdoing it, a ‘chinstrap’ or the ‘goatee’ is the style to go. The style gives you a trendy look and makes you look charming and dapperat the same time.

Full beard

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The center of attraction

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The hairstyle which defines trendy and classy. The less OTT version of a maw-hawk with a mod (don’t repeat words so closely)look is sure to make you the center of attraction

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