A perfect honeymoon to start off your journey

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FWD Vivah has listed some honeymoon destinations we think make the perfect destination to kick-start your journey together

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Enticing Kerala

After all that wedding rush, there is no better place for some quality relaxation with your spouse than Kerala. From backwater to tea plantations and hill stations, Kerala will make your honeymoon a memorable one. From spending a day in a houseboat, then renting a bike or a car to Wayanad to enjoy the forest beauty and going to Munnar to spend some day cozying up with your partner in the cold and enjoying the long walks inside the tea plantations, Kerala is sure to give you and your partner some great memories.

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Beguiling Udaipur

Who doesn’t enjoy royalty like treatment? The iconic palaces, museums, and the shimmering lakes make Udaipur a perfect honeymoon destination. You can also have a post-wedding shoot at Udaipur in front of the famous iconic palaces like the City Palace and enjoy a beautiful sunset boat ride at Lake Pichola and witness the true beauty of Udaipur.

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Bewitching Andaman

If a sun-kissed beach and a sea where the water is crystal clear is your perfect idea of honeymoon destination, Andaman is the place to be. With beachside resorts and hotels, Andaman offers you the best of two worlds, the land, and the water. With the colour of the blue sky reflecting the crystal clear water and land surrounded by green trees, it is the place to be where you can spend the perfect days with your spouse.

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Magnetic Kashmir

Kashmir is the place to be if you and your spouse love to cuddle up in the freezing cold and keep each other warm with firewood burning and a hot cup of chocolate. If you and your spouse are ones who love adventure, then Kashmir is the place to retreat to. You can take the shikara ride together to see Gulmarg from 14,000 feet above. You can also walk up to the strawberry valley and taste the freshest strawberries.

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Delightful Venice

If taking a long and romantic boat ride with some classical music is your kind of honeymoon dream, then Venice, Italy is the place to be. With the long stretches of water bodies surrounded by historical buildings and the cultural cuisines, Venice is sure to give some classic quality time at Italy.If long, romantic boat rides in the lakes and finally escaping into an island nearby, is your dream, then head out to Venice and indulge in those precious romantic moments with your partner.

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Enchanting Paris

Paris is a perfect combination of architecture, food, and the arts. It is the best place to bring out the Romeo and Juliet inside you and enjoy your romantic days in front of the Eiffel Tower posing for the camera and clicking the best pictures.You can also tie a ribbon at the Pont des Art bridge, which symbolises your love to one another.

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Dazzling Jamaica

Get a super luxurious honeymoon at these turquoise waters. A perfect place for you to spend a fun, romantic, and adventurous journey with the person you promised to stand by forever. From scuba diving into the deep blue waters to grooving to some Jamaican music, enjoy this unforgettable place that will leave you with lasting memories.

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The best of both worlds. From a full relaxable day at your resort to jumping off from a plane. A destination with a combination of romance and adventure.A day in the luxurious city and night in the desert, the contrast and the changes in the landscape will give you an amazing treat to your hearts and soul.

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