Love Is Two Sides To A Coin

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What are the pros and cons of a love marriage

Love is beautiful, but it’s also superficial. Like I mentioned before, there are two sides to a coin, the pros and the cons. In an attempt to end the never-ending debate, here’s a list of pros and cons of love marriage!

Pros of Love Marriage:

Happy Couple

  • You get to spend time with the love of your life
  • He/She will be someone you know and you’re comfortable with
  • They will be your best friend and your soulmate
  • A complete package
  • You will never have a boring moment with your specific other
  • You’re already in sync with the other person
  • You already have a common group of friends
  • There will not be any awkwardness after marriage

Cons of Love Marriage:

Not Happy Couple

  • You can’t blame anyone but yourself if things go wrong
  • Your parents will not interfere in a tiff between you guys
  • There may be moments from the past that will come to haunt you
  • You know way too much about the other person, which might cause tiffs
  • Statistically love marriages have a lesser success rate than arranged marriages
  • There are chances of losing interest in each other after the marriage

With all this said and done, I personally believe love is a beautiful feeling and everyone should experience love at some point in life. If you decide to spend your entire lifetime with the one you love, then go ahead! Experience the beauty of life with your best friend!