How to cure your hangover

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Last night’s alcohol is the next day’s headache. Here’s how you cure a hangover

Words: Devika V Menon   Images: Various sources

Trust me when I say this, I know how a hangover feels like. Back in college, the amount of classes i’ve missed on a Monday morning due to a horrible headache cannot be explained. The world around you seems to spin and the headache is such a horrible thing to deal with that you’d rather die than experience it ever again. But, like is such a vicious cycle, and you’ll be back to dealing with another horrible hangover the next weekend. If this is the case during college, would you even want to imagine how it would be like a day or two before your big day?
*shudder*, i’d rather not know. But, better safe than sorry. Here are some tips to cure that horrible hangover.

Rehydrate yourself

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Drink lots of water after the party. A hangover occurs when you don’t drink enough water and then your body shuts down, and the headache is an after effect of dehydration.

Eat a heavy breakfast

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A good, greasy breakfast can work wonders. It gives you the energy you need to get through the day with that horrible headache.

A big cup of coffee

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The splitting headache you have will not get any better if you don’t have that cup of strong coffee! Trust me, coffee’s only going to help you stay awake and cure, or at least, subdue that headache of yours for a while. You need that coffee!

Hair of the dog

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Hair of the dog is a colloquial term used to have another alcoholic drink in the morning, in hopes of curing the hangover that you have. But, let me warn you, this will not be effective in the long run. Once the effect of the alcohol subsides, the hangover will only come back, worse.

So, these are a few tried and tested hangover cures that will work. Let us know how these helped you. Or, if there are any other hangover cures that you know of, let us know in the comments below!