Do’s And Don’t’s For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

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Follow these simple steps and enjoy a hassle free wedding

Text by: Devika V Menon    Photos: Various Sources

Let’s cut to the chase here. It’s overwhelming when it comes to paying attention to detail to every small bit. It can be maddening and chances of you losing your cool with people around you are high. There’s a solution to every problem and here’s a list of do’s and don’t’s for the bride to follow and enjoy her day!


Do what you want

This is your day, you and your husband get to be yourselves for one last time, so do what you do, don’t please other people, don’t succumb to pressure from others. Doing exactly what you want will make you happy.

Make sure you have time for photos

Get ready early if you want to take pictures of your look. Don’t rush things, you might forget something. Haste doesn’t look good on photos! Time it accordingly, figure out all the small details and smile for the camera

Do’s and don’t’s for the bride on her wedding day 1

Get a band/live music

Live music adds a certain charm, it’s fun and the energy is different. Everyone will join in and they will have the time of their lives, making your wedding an unforgettable one.

Make someone take charge of the gifts

Have someone responsible take charge of the gifts because you’re going to be getting a lot of gifts, from big to small ones and you will not be able to handle them yourself.

Making an entry

Your entry is supposed to be grand, filled with fun, excitement, and a lot of energy. You’re supposed to be the glowing bride. Look the part and play the part well.

Do’s and don’t’s for the bride on her wedding day 3

Choose long-lasting makeup

There’s going to be a lot of dancing around, photos, flash, and crying. Also take into account the weather and the location, because all these factors matter while choosing your makeup. You can’t spend your day running to the makeup room to keep touching up your makeup.


Don’t have a stage

A stage changes the whole thing from casual to formal. Would you rather have a stage and stand up there so you can tell your friends and family that you’re glad they could make it or be a part of the crowd that defines and completes you and spend your day with them?

Do’s and don’t’s for the bride on her wedding day 3

Don’t micromanage

Learn to delegate your work. Include your sisters, friends, and family help you out. Assign them to do one or more chores each. Try to enjoy your day. Don’t get involved and try to micromanage things.

Don’t let anything ruin your day

There’s always going to be something that did not go right, something might arrive late, people might pop in late or not turn up, but don’t let it get to you. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about you, your husband and your family. Just relax and enjoy the day.

Do not starve yourself

A lot of women starve themselves during the day so that they can look their finest during the ceremony. You need the energy to last throughout the day. A little paunch never hurt anyone. Have a good meal and keep yourself hydrated throughout because you may not be able to eat anytime during the ceremony.

Do’s and don’t’s for the bride on her wedding day 4

Don’t make payments at the venue

Make sure your payments are done either before or after the wedding. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at the venue during your ceremony dealing with payments.

Don’t wear anything uncomfortable

Be it heels, clothes or jewelry, do not wear anything that you’re not comfortable in. Imagine yourself in the outfit. Will you be able to move in it comfortably? Will your heels hurt? Make sure all these factors don’t hinder your grand event.