Make-up Myths Busted

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Makeup myths every girl must stop believing

Words by Bharti Taneja    Photographs from Various Sources

Makeup for your face on your wedding day is like fine art on canvas – requires the right strokes, and done meticulously with a sharp eye for detail so that nothing is amiss. However, to attain a perfect look you have to set your basics right. With a number of makeup rules and clichés, there has emerged a number of myths too, which most women tend to follow blindly, and especially so during their wedding preparations. Here are some of those myths you should ignore.

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MYTH: Primers are only for special occasions.

FACT: Primer should always be used regardless of the season or occasion for which you use makeup. It has no side effects and is important to let your base glide smoothly on skin. Besides this, the silicone-based wonder-product is waterproof in nature and turns your makeup sweat proof and long lasting. In fact it fills in every pit and pore of the skin, giving it a gorgeous texture.

MYTH: Your foundation should match the colour of your neck.

FACT: Not neck, but jawline – it is best to match your foundation with your jawline. For this apply three light strokes of foundation on your jawline and blend well. The one which emerges most natural is the perfect shade of foundation for you.

MYTH: It is mandatory to apply a concealer before foundation.

FACT: Concealer should never be applied before foundation. You should always apply a thin layer of foundation to even out the skin-tone and then do spot-concealing on the marks that are still visible. For this, do a quick check after applying the foundation all over your face and apply a drab of concealer on the particular spot and blend it well. Lastly, apply compact powder if required.

MYTH: Dark eye makeup accentuates under-eye dark circles.

FACT: This is only the case if you are applying products that are not waterproof. If applied correctly and teamed with quality and waterproof eye makeup products; a non-smudging kohl pencil, a powdery shadow, a volumnising mascara and dark water resistant liner, it provides intensity and will make your eyes sparkle.


For the nails, lips and your eyes, here are few facts that would help.

MYTH: Your nail and lip colour should always match.

FACT: In this era of effortless fashion where contrast rules colour coordination – matching your nail and lip colour seems a thing of the past. Nails are a great canvas to exhibit one’s inner creativity, hence matching it with one aspect of makeup (lip colour) does no justice. Choose bright shades of nail colour.

MYTH: You should only wear dark nails/ lips in winters and bright nails/lips during warmer months.

FACT: Darker shades like marsala, wine, plum and oxblood shades bring lot of depth to the summer season while enhancing one’s appeal in the hot weather. Similarly, bright red, poppy oranges and fuchsia pinks are the colours of the summer season.

MYTH: Liquid eye liner only for those who have big eyes.

FACT: Not fair, and not true! In fact eye liners are meant for people with smaller eyes as it accentuates and make them look bigger. Therefore, eye liners, be it liquid or solid, are a must for brides with big or small or medium-sized eyes!

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