FWD selects from Sabyasachi’s Udaipur Collection

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Every season, Sabyasachi comes up with mind-blowing designs on the ramp. This time, FWD scrounged through his latest 2017 Spring ‘Udaipur’ collection and picked out the best for you.

  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(14-1)
    Floral Print with Mosaic Borders
  • The Colours
    The Colours
    Say hello to teal blues, aqua, rusty reds, rani pink and ochre yellow. Most importantly, say hello to boys in bright colours!
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(10)
    There are more grooms in pink than brides! Plus the groom’s banarsi safas are gorgeous.
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(1) new
    So English influenced that its called “Rani Sahiba ke Pardesi Gulab”
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(2) new
    The signature piece is called The Udaipur Lehenga
  • The Sexy Summer Blouse
    The Sexy Summer Blouse
    With the visible low cut being a big movement in the global fashion scene, how long can Indian fashion really hold back
  • FWD-sabyasachi-fashion-(3)
    This exquisite cape saree, literally took our breath away
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(4)
    Paler hues are perfect for engagements
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(5)
    The Delicious Florals.Think of it as pastels with a punch.
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(7)
    The Banarsi skirts have different fabrics on each panel, which is a recurring theme throughout the collection
  • FWD-Life-sabyasachi-fashion-(20)
    For a summer wedding, the translucent blouse is a great way for a bride to choose to reveal but not really