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There’s an art to donning a suit and it’s not too hard with a few ground rules. It’s time to suit up!

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Off the Rack


Not getting your suit tailored? Make sure your shoulders fit, if you are buying off the rack. Do chip in money for your alterations, to get the shoulders to fit correctly.


Your jacket must be a perfect fit. The gap between the jacket lapels and the shirt collar means the jacket doesn’t fit well.


Your width of the lapel depends on the theme of a wedding. It can either be thin or wide. Thin lapels are quite a modernistic, whilst the latter is for something more classic.

Tie Breaker

fwd-vivah-suited-to-your-taste2One of the most important rules about wearing a tie, is making sure is the fact that it reaches the waistband of your trousers, if it is any longer or shorter it can look a tardy or absurd.

Quite Tied Up

If you are stuck with what knot to choose for your tie, then the Windsor knot is the safest. The trick of pulling this off is by determining the groom’s head size. According to the size, you can move up from a half knot to a full knot.

Belt Out

Usually, you don’t have to wear a belt, but if you do make sure you ear a thinner one. Also make sure it’s color coordinated with your shoes or it will look awkward.

Rule of Thumb

The tie at its widest point should match the lapel at its widest point.

Fair and Square

Pocket squares make a statement if it’s in perfect contrast with your tie. Select a pocket square that’s of a different fabric and pattern. The one thing that’s appreciated about a pocket square is that it shows off one’s taste and personality. If possible try to coordinate it with the wedding.

Vents in Jackets

In jackets, you can opt for ones with double vents in the back. If you are not so fit, double vents give enough room to swing your arm and look cool and casual in photographs. If he is wearing a vest with a full suit, the vest will look best with a single breast suit so it is visible.


Vested Interest

A wedding can be simple, a casual vest is quite the trend. Make sure the bottom button is unbuttoned, it makes you look less stuffy. If you are in for something formal, choose a double button notched lapel jacket.

Straight with a Jacket

When you choose a jacket, you must be able to slip your hand between the chest and buttoned jacket easily. There should be enough room to move your hand, maintain a delicate balance. It must not be too tight and the same time very loose.


Jacket of all Traits

The jacket should be long enough to cover the pant zipper and your derriere.

Buttoning Up

If you are opting for a two button jacket, the top button should rest at or above the navel. It gets trickier for a three button jacket, the middle button should follow the same rule.

Cuffed and Stuffed

One mistake that many a dashing man do that ruins the impression that they have build up is with the length of the shirt sleeve cuffs. It must be exposed a half an inch to help make the suit look balanced. Something that’s trending now is matching the visible cuff length to the amount of the collar visible at the back of the neck.

Knock Socks Off

One major big no –no, do not wear ankle socks with formal shoes. It’s obvious when you sit down, your leg is exposed. So yes do wear a good pair of long socks and you can show off your personality with the type of sock you wear.