Love after your wedding

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Your honeymoon is the time to celebrate your union.

Let’s talk about sex baby, et’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex.

Honeymoons are defined as a holiday that newly married couples go on alone. Since puberty, how often have you thought of your honeymoon over the years? Typically speaking, women spend their lives pining over a wedding day, while gentlemen often find themselves lost in daydreams about the honeymoon. Your honeymoon is the Holy Grail for sex right? You have finally married the love of your life and you get to spend the rest of your life having sex with them… whenever and wherever you want! For some this is encouraging while for others it is terrifying. Honestly, it is a bit of both. We’re in a society that tells us monogamy is not realistic. How can you use your honeymoon to set the foundation of a healthy sexual relationship that will last the duration of your marriage? Some may have been sexually active with one’s partner before marriage, but there is something scared about marriage. It is a covenant and it will change the way you view sex. So here are some tips and tricks that we would suggest for making the most of your honeymoon sex.

1) Communicate.

Don’t get us wrong, communication is a key to successful marriages in general but it is most certainly the key for a satisfying sex life (and let’s be honest, if you’re only having sex with one person you cannot afford for it to be bad). Talk with your partner outside of the bedroom about your wants, needs, desires and fantasies. By taking time to discuss these things outside of the moment, you will become closer to your partner and increase your satisfaction.

2) Engage in foreplay.

Foreplay is the most important aspect of sex for several reasons. It is the only act of sex that you take turns giving each other pleasure versus mutual touching. It is also where most of the arousal and lubrication comes from that prepares you for sex and it connects you and your partner on a different level. Honeymoon foreplay can be something that takes place all day. Light touches here throughout the day, whispered promises there… you can spend hours building each other up before you even kiss. Do not skip out on foreplay.

3) Love your body.

Before the honeymoon, focus on what aspects of your body you do love. You don’t have a great ass, that’s ok the dent on your hipbones are sexy. If you can learn to love your body then you will be more connected with yourself, which in turn will allow you to receive more pleasure from your partner. If you’re still unsure, ask your spouse, “What turns you on about my body the most”? Do not waste precious honeymoon time wondering if your boobs look bad in that bra- learn to love your body.

4) Stop performing and set realistic expectations.

Being sexual should not be something you feel pressured into. In fact, 15% of all sexual encounters are mediocre or a failure. Honeymoon sex has a big reputation and can be intimidating to live up to, but remember you have the rest of your lives together. Relax. You’re not shooting porn, running a marathon, or measuring how accurately you are preforming. You’re getting to enjoy and explore your spouse like never before