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When it comes to dieting for the big day, it’s important to eat happily and healthily.

Often anxious brides would approach me at ESCASO seeking quick solutions to get them into shape or resurrect them as fit and energetic individuals. My answer would be a question: don’t you want to live happily and healthily for the rest of your life? Marriage is one of the joyous and memorable moments of our life and naturally, we would want to look the best, especially in appearance. Even if you are health conscious, I would recommend you to
stick to certain fundamental rules like eating good food at regular intervals, staying active unless you have other constraints and keeping a positive approach to life in general.

Getting Ready

You must begin preparations at least six months in advance to see the results before the D-day. The entire process must be adequately laid out for the body to react, adjust and stay in-line with your expectations so that you eventually turn not just fit, but healthy from within. Once your body goes through the eating right stage, you must move to the acting right stage from where you have to do little to keeping it right.

Going on solo juice diet, avoiding rice, skipping meals, suddenly going after crash diets or quick methods like medicines or supplements instead of nutritious food are common mistakes. It would have a negative impact on the body and energy levels. Few months down the line if you want to remove irritants like loose arms or tighten your face, we have well accepted Harvard developed solutions like CoolSculpting that would give you great results without surgery or pills.

Dealing with Obesity

If a bride to be is obese with larger visceral fat (internal fat) she must follow a healthy eating pattern for life. Visceral fat is the common cause of PCOD, infertility and other common health issues.

Beyond the wedding day, you will have more beautiful times ahead in terms of pregnancy and motherhood. Obesity – the biggest cause of infertility among women – will follow you from pregnancy leading to many complications later on. You must take expert advice to enjoy these phases, eating and acting right, and remaining healthy.

I wish you all a healthy and happy time ahead.

When a bride has to stick to a regime to look good and feel healthy, what are a few things she must do?

One must eat regularly and should not skip meals at all. You can do a moderate 30 minutes work out, drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and eat a balanced food in general.

Most of the time, they say avoid sugars. How much of desserts can you cheat with?

Desserts are very rich in calories, thust it is true to take care of its intake. Any dessert is fine as long as it is taken in moderation but one must be careful to avoid any dessert after a full meal.

Is there a type of diet that’s effective?

I would say a balanced eating plan completed with all types of carbohydrates, protein and necessary fat is the best one to follow.

How dangerous are the carbs?

There is a common misconception regarding carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy, hence never avoid carbohydrates to lose weight. Our aim should be a healthy and long term weight loss that would not leave you tired and weak from within.

Text: Dr. GrintoDavy Chirakkekaran PT                        Photos: Various Sources