Six out-of-the-ordinary Setting for your Dream Wedding

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Jaw-dropping backdrop ideas for your wedding decor

Rustic Doors

Rustic Doors FWD Vivah

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Off late, many people are opening doors to this idea. Being both symbolic and stylish, the rustic door idea can be customised to suit your taste. Make it personal by using monograms on the panel of the doors and decorate with flowers and fairy lights. You can always chuck arches for this option.

Tip: You can keep the door slightly ajar or closed. It’s fantastic for an entrance and after the wedding ceremony, can be used as a photo shoot prop.

Time and Place: This would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. Depending on the time of the day, you can use flowers or lights day and night respectively.

Blossoming Backdrop

Blossoming Backdrop fwd vivah

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In May 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in front of a towering wall of white flowers. If you are not in for the size and grandeur, this idea is brilliant for a daytime garden wedding.

Tip: The current trend is stringing your favourite flowers on a fishing line and hanging them from dowels. The linear rows are arranged in a way resembling floral vines. It can transform a drab venue to a very lively spot.

Time and Place: It’s better for outdoor weddings since the flowers are minimal. A landscaped lawn or garden provides a natural background which is also great for photography.

Twinkle Light

Twinkle Lights FWD Vivah

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Twinkle lights are a classic choice. They don’t have to be wrapped around just trees and bushes in the garden or front lawn but can also be made into a sparkling backdrop.

Tip: For creating your backdrop you can wrap it around an arch or a gazebo. To give an extra embellishment, you can pair it with some flowers that’s colour coordinated with your wedding theme. If you do not want it dangling you can build in into the wall and hang it straight down from the ceiling which gives the wedding function a starry ambience.

Time and Place: Perfect at dusk – for an outdoor wedding function or reception.

Typographic Centric

Typographic Centric fwd vivah

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Typography is not something restricted to stationery. With the advent of vectors and infographics, many have looked into a modernistic approach for their invitations. Now you can use it for your wedding backdrop too!

Tip: Get a long runner from wall to the end of the stage. It could have your favourite verse, lyrics, dialogue, or quote penned down on it. While calligraphy gives a traditional and elegant look, any script of your choice can work.

Time and Place: This backdrop can be used anywhere and anytime. All it needs is plenty of lighting and it should not be too cluttered.

Book Lovers

Book Lovers FWD Vivah

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If you love something super vintage and you have sentimental values for books, then a book backdrop is the in thing. This trend recently kicked in and has caught the attention of many.

Tip: You could make a wall with all of your books that you and your partner have read. For the surprise factor, you can place bookmarks and you could also pin your favorite quotes from the book.

Time and Place: This could work anywhere and anytime. Just make sure it’s in sync with your theme and rather than this being a showcase let books have some relevance. After all, you do no want it to be another book on the wall.

Twigs and Branches

Twigs and Branches FWD Vivah

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If you wish to be minimalistic with flowers, yet want to incorporate something nature-centric and rustic, twigs are the perfect option. The creative thing about twigs is that you can work with multiple plants such as ferns and ivy and you can pair them beautifully with dried flowers.

Tip: The classic way decorating with twigs is making an arc with intertwined twigs speckled with some leaves. You can also create wreaths out of them.

Place and Time: This would be best for the outdoors. This would be beautiful if it’s done in a park or a forest that’s not too dense. Keep a wildflower theme and enjoy dancing away.

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