Bikini Waxing for Brides

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Get ready to look and feel beautiful … from within

Waxing for the wedding day is quite special. When it comes to bikini and Brazilian waxing there’s an intimate feeling. It heightens your senses and also the feel of lingerie’s fabric is more pleasurable.

Bikini Line, Deep Bikini, Brazilian Waxing

A bikini line wax removes hair from your panty line. While a deep biking wax is perfect when you want to wear a bikini. It’s a type of style that takes off hair approximately two fingers in the panty line. While a Brazilian removes the whole hair from the front of the bikini area which leaves your skin supple.

Hard wax strips vs Soft Elastic Wax

Hard wax as in its name is sticky and applied when hot. It’s painful and slow which also makes it hard to remove the wax. Soft wax is applied at body temperature, which causes the wax to stretch leads to the minimal use of strips. It also causes less pull of the skin.


Make sure the salon is clean and follows sanitizing procedures. The employees are trained and are aware of the wax type and procedures.

After All of It

For the first 48 hours, avoid the sun – sunburns are dangerous. Do not indulge in the steam room, waxing can heat up the body this adds fuel to the fire. Avoid wearing synthetics, so your skin breathes easy, avoid thongs too. Last but not the least, do not have sex, mainly because it’s the time your body is susceptible to outside bacteria.


Never get your first- ever bikini just before your wedding. One main reason is that it’s painful, and for first timers you many suffer swelling and irritation. Those are sensations you do not want to feel on your wedding night. The best time to try this is, at least, three months beforehand.

If you have waxed before, then two days before you wedding is an ideal date. Or what you can do is wax ten days before the wedding, and two days prior to the date you can go for a touch-up.

The optimum length of the hair to get wax is about one-quarter of an inch. Remember to never to trim in too short, if there’s a minimum length it makes the waxing process easier and more efficient.

Words by FWD Media Photographs from Various sources