Happy Feet : Tips for the Big Day

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Test your heels
Don’t wait for the final day to wear your new shoes. Hit your nearest supermarket with your heels. Take a shopping cart for a spin. Wearing socks will lessen the abrasions.

Learn to walk
It is important to master the art of walking in heels. When you take a step, straighten and extend your legs. Practice on different surfaces.

Get inserts, gels or soles to make the fit more comfortable. Use grips for the bottom to avoid slippage, or you could just sandpaper it as a quick fix.


Get fit
Exercise to understand your core so that you have better balance. Get a pedicure to relax your feet before the wedding date.

Take a break
During the wedding, take breaks and sit when you can while wearing heels. There are exercises to relax your feet. Carry flats for emergencies.

Treat your feet
After the festivities, soak your feet with Epsom salts or put them on ice. You can always ask your groom to give you a foot rub. Apply foot cream before you go to bed.

Tips from Salvatore Ferragamo
A comfortable heel height to sustain the wedding day activities would range anywhere from 1 inches or the equivalent or 2 3/4 inches or the equivalent like the Ferragamo Vara pumps.
Use shoe trees to help maintain the shape of your shoes. To maintain the look, we recommend using an alcohol and color free shoe polish such as Meltonian shoe creams.