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Your buddy is all set to get hitched. For a man who has stood by your hard and soft times, you’ve got to make your friend’s last days of bachelorhood memorable. Here are few bachelor destinations for his last stint of freedom.






For the party animals and gamblers, it is the ultimate place for bachelor parties. The mecca of indulgence;Las Vegas is flooded with casinos and clubs with lax laws. The Las Vegas nightlife truly is unrivalled. Behind the velvet ropes lie the most sought-after nightclubs. From zip lines and car racing to the Bellagio’s world-famous fountains and the Mandalay Bay Beach, Las Vegas’ attractions is like riding a roller coaster. The saying goes true – “What happens in Vegas, remains in Vegas”.




Ever thought of Montreal as a party place? You’ll be taken by the French flamboyance making you a part of the carefree crowd. Montreal is a place to have a good time. The “tam-tams”—a drumming/dancing bacchanal on the mountain’s east side of Mount Royal Park is a major crowd puller. On summer Sunday afternoons, an open-air techno concert called PiknikÉlectronik draws dancing crowds into the daylight. Montreal is another place that has night pubs and casinos. A perfect place for an easy-going bachelor party.




As the blue sky envelops California, it reaches out till the coastline and the tender climate soothes you. San Diego serves as the perfect bachelor party destination for the revelers. With the Pacific Ocean to the west, Laguna Mountains and Anza-Borrego Desert to the east, and Mexico to the south, this place offers endless opportunities to explore. Gentle surfs at Coronado’s stunning beaches, picturesque village of La Jolla and South Bay of San Diego you get expansive trails to do adventure.




For sensational lights & nights, starlit beaches and heart beating adventures under one single umbrella, Pattaya is the place. This vibrant coastal city is always brimming with life as all the water sports lovers and sun lovers pour in here. As the sun goes to slumber, the action shifts to the streets. From Thai traditions to modern adventures, you can find the pleasures of the street and religious treasures mingling. Stroll on the Walking Street in the night to get some fabulous beer or row across the “Floating Market”to catch up with some good cultural programs and souvenirs. Pattaya is the place for those who just want to relax.




A city where you would find clouds of weed smoke filled in cafes, bars and streets. Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. If your friends like music and some weed, then maybe Amsterdam is the spot for your bachelor party in Europe. Amsterdam is a place where hipsters collide in with the beauty of quaintness; where historical places beckon and the quirkiness of the city sway. You cannot walk a few steps without bumping into some fancy stuff. From Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Anne Frank museums to beautiful canals, cafes and bars, Amsterdam can be easily translated as convivial.